Castlegar & Distirct Market Attraction

Investment Attraction


Expanding operations in the Central Kootenays? 

Castlegar & District Economic Development provides direct assistance to companies and individuals considering doing business in the area and can answer any site selection questions.

Get in touch with our team and we’ll get you connected.  

Talent Acquisition/Workforce Development


Castlegar & District Economic Development is working to meet the talent needs of the region's high-growth companies. 

We're continuing to develop the region's strong talent pool by working with partners like Selkirk College, Kootenay Career Development Society, and various levels of government, to meet industry training needs locally and attract the best people from around the world. 

Castlegar & District Local Business Support

Export Development


Export Development:

What to grow your business beyond Castlegar & District, but not quite sure where to start?

Benefits of Exporting - Diversifies your customer base — expanding to new markets increases the size of your target market, may broaden your product offering and offset seasonal fluctuations in sales.

Increases profitability — increased production generally leads to economies of scale and decreased cost per unit, which increases your profit margins.

Fosters Innovation – expanding to new markets fosters innovation in your goods and services, which enhances your competitiveness.

The Basin Business Advisors offer free support to businesses looking to expand their market. The Export Navigator program offers businesses access to community-based export specialists who can provide a personalized, step-by-step approach to exporting and help connect your business to the market information, export programs, financial services, and business development experts it needs at every stage of the process.

Business Walks


Business Walks:

Checking the Pulse of the Business Community

Every June, the Castlegar Chamber of Commerce and Castlegar & District Economic Development teams up with partners from local municipalities and business support organizations to take the pulse of the region’s small business community. The Business Walk Program has been running since 2016. 

Helping Small Businesses Grow:

Feedback from small businesses during the annual Business Walk is shared publicly, with elected officials, staff and partners, giving small business a strong voice in the community. The Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development listens to what small business owners say during Business Walks and uses the information to create year round action plans to support business.

Businesses looking to grow or needing support can receive consultation and expertise from various regional experts after the business walk.

Storefronts of Opportunities


Storefront of Opportunities: 

An annual walk of vacant store front for prospective businesses and entrepreneurs.

Why tour empty buildings? Because people are curious, and somewhere out there is a person with an urge to start their own business.

Does it Work? In 2017, there were 28 buildings shown. Within 8 months 14 were leased or sold. 

Additionally, all of the participating buildings were cleaned up for presentation, marketing creates the buzz of opportunity, the program allows economic development to meet and work with landlords. 

It is a sign that the community is open for business.

One on One Support


One on One Support:

The Economic Development office works to help those businesses in need of support by putting them in touch with experts around the community who can help, some of these organizations include;

Basin Business Advisors 

Community Futures

Columbia Basin Trust

Community Co-op Funding: Coming Soon!

Support for Entrepreneurs and Existing Businesses:

Export Navigator: (Community Futures)

Me Inc (Basin Business Advisors)

Succession Planning (Basin Business Advisors)

Business Plan 101 (Community Futures)

Community Futures Self-Employment Program (Community Futures)

Tax & Incentives



Tax & Incentives

There are strong business reasons to establish and operate a company in British Columbia, ranging from our commitment to support economic growth, to generous tax credits to the lowest corporate tax rate of G7 nations.

Area Tax Exemptions

City of Castlegar-  

Low Taxes

BC Tax Incentives

Tax credits, exemptions, and deductions reduce the amount of tax your business pays.

30% Tax Credit for B.C. Investors